Give Your Family Peace of Mind

Give Your Family Peace of Mind

Steve Touchy provides assistance with trusts in Copperfield and the Cypress and Houston, Texas area

Trusts in Texas can save your family from an unfavorable situation. With a living trust (simply a trust created while you're alive, rather than one created upon the terms of a will), you can have a solid document in place that will help you avoid the probate process.

Creating a trust requires an individual to look over all of their assets, evaluate their family situation and begin designating property and other assets to certain beneficiaries. Creation of a living trust can be tricky - even more complex than creating a will, depending on one's assets. But trusts can also supplement wills to clearly designate asset distributions.

If you are looking to create a living trust in Houston, TX, Steve Touchy Attorney at Law can help. Since 1983, Mr. Touchy has assisted numerous individuals looking to cement their estate plans and give their family peace of mind upon their passing.

Steve Touchy is more than happy to assist you with the process of creating a living trust. To schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer, call 281-858-0700 today.