Are You Looking for a Real Estate Lawyer?

Are You Looking for a Real Estate Lawyer?

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Navigating real estate transactions can be tricky. You may be looking to purchase a new home for your family. You may be considering selling your commercial property. No matter what type of real estate transaction is on the table, it’s important to have a trusted real estate lawyer by your side to get you through it safely.

Steve Touchy has years of experience with Texas real estate law, and can help prospective buyers and sellers. Touchy can also:

• Assist with contract or loan disputes
• Draw up lease agreements for renters/landlords
• Help you understand mortgage papers and other documents

If it involves real estate, Steve Touchy has got you covered. He has worked with many individuals and their real estate agents to give them peace of mind about their transactions.

Schedule a consultation with Steve Touchy of Houston, Texas for any real estate legal situation.