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Steve Touchy Attorney at Law is a trusted law firm in Houston, Texas. Since 1983, Touchy has advised and represented hundreds of individuals and families through the complex legal system. You can trust Steve touchy to assist you with your legal matter involving probate, wills, trusts, real estate law or business and corporation law. Contact our Houston law office today to schedule a consultation.

Rely on a seasoned lawyer for probate, wills & trusts

Creating a will or trust can make a big difference for your family down the road. Steve Touchy has years of experience helping individuals with their wills and trusts in the Houston area, and he can help you with your situation, too. If the probate process has fallen on you, our lawyer can help you in any way necessary.

Real estate help is only a phone call away

Completing a real estate transaction without a lawyer on hand can leave you falling into terrible traps. Whether you're selling a small residential unit or a purchasing a larger commercial one, it's important to have a good lawyer by your side. If you're in the Houston area and exploring the real estate market, contact Steve Touchy and have the legal knowledge you need to successfully navigate the process.

Get the legal assistance you need for business success

All businesses must deal with legal technicalities and frustrations. Whether you run a newly established business or one that has firm roots in the area, you need a trustworthy lawyer to assist you with legal matters. If you need general legal counsel or defense for a legal matter, contact Steve Touchy for assistance today.

Get in touch with Steve Touchy today for all your needs

From real estate assistance to business advice, Steve Touchy has a wealth of knowledge in many areas of the law. Trust that he will provide you with responsive, hands-on service designed to handle all your legal needs while addressing your questions and concerns. To get in touch with a highly-rated lawyer in Houston, call Steve Touchy Attorney at Law today.

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